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Full Training
NacTelligence is strongly committed to customer training. It is our experience that training is the key to a successful deployment of new technology for your employees, and the foundation of the ongoing successful utilization of the solutions we provide.

From the beginning engagement with our project coordinators, planning for training is figured into the implementation process. It is our goal to have all employees trained prior to “go live” dates.

Our training teams—with their vast experience—bring an element of fun into the process. Don’t expect boring static presentations or power point shows. Do expect a full working environment in your conference room, or at our Training Facility... your choice. This also provides for optimal buy-in from your team to ensure a smooth transition. Our process includes “hands on” training by your employees. Each person will have the ability to perform all basic functions, and ask specific operation germane to their call handling requirements.  We provide full documentation, as well as links to knowledge based support systems.

During and after cutover our training team moves through your facility to revisit and assist in helping people on a one-to-one basis. Administrative and operator personal can expect one-on-one training as well.

We provide ongoing training sessions free to our clients at our training facility both live and via the web. See our calendar for upcoming events. Our Help desk is available to answer any question on the fly, as well as by e-mail to helpdesk@nactelsystems.com.

It is our belief that the support of your implementation team by your employees is based on the enthusiasm we promote in our training sessions. The end result is happy users, and happy management, keenly looking forward to use the new features and tools to improve productivity. The end result is less service calls and less support required by your administrators.
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