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Network Monitoring
NacTelligence enterprise customers enjoy the benefit of “real-time” monitoring under our NacCare maintenance program. Normally a premium service, NacTelligence provides networking monitoring at no additional cost to our clients.

Our help desk receives around the clock messages notifying us if you have a carrier outage, LAN OR WAN failure, or hardware failure of any kind. Our monitoring capabilities allow us to receive trouble alerts for over 250 different possible occurrences. It can be as granular as receiving a signal if for example, one of your employees accidently unplugged a telephone from the system… or as global as knowing when one of your administrative systems support people made a programming change.  

Our vigilance is comprehensive--we not only monitor our supported systems, but also monitor your communication equipment room for power outages, and brown outs. We also monitor the temperature in your communication room for any cooling system problems. NacTelligence also can provide full network monitoring of all your network devices at an additional service to include your entire IT infrastructure.

Rest assured that as an enterprise client of NacTelligence, our systems and people are proactive in responding to your emergency needs around the clock. In fact, our “on call” support technicians receive help desk alarms directly to their PDA mobile devices. Just another reason NacTelligence is a leader in customer service in our market.
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