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Maintenance “NacCare”
NacTelligence provides full service maintenance contracts for our clients. We also provide contracts for systems not installed by us, if they are part of the family of exemplary products we offer.

Our support follows a very meticulous and detailed program which we have defined as the NacTelligence “Ten Point Support Program”. We think it represents the most comprehensive service program in our market. It is comprised of:
  1. Help Desk support
  2. Break fix
  3. Repair or replacement of equipment
  4. Software patches and upgrades to fix bugs. (Enterprise NacCare includes new software releases at no cost)
  5. Carrier failures dispositions
  6. Help Desk training support
  7. Remote desk top support
  8. Online knowledge base access for documents and support videos
  9. Emergency response around the clock
  10. Ongoing training classes at our Hauppauge Training facility.

Our Help Desk logs real-time service requests during normal workings hours, and provides immediate access to our help desk technicians. No waiting for a call back. And our remote monitoring of enterprise systems allows us to be extremely proactive… most times responding to trouble before you even know they are happening.

Our Technical Center, located right off the Long Island Expressway in Hauppauge, is equipped with a large screen broadcasting system that monitors all contacts to the call center. This includes automatic alarms, customer fax request, and emails direct to This “buddy” system at our Help Desk, ensures your request are observed and responded to in timely bases.

For optimal service, we are remotely connect to your communications systems, and can access them immediately on receipt of a trouble. Our technicians via NacTelligence’s remote service support can take control of your desk top to assist in trouble shooting. If necessary our help desk will dispatch a field technician to assist with onsite support.
Plus, outside the scope of normal operating hours, our “on call” technicians have complete access to all support systems, including remote monitoring, remote access, and remote desk top assistance. We have a written SLA with an escalation notification process and always have two off hour technicians on call at all times.  
Additional casual support is available via our Help Desk to talk with one of our project coordinators, and user trainers. All our customers have access to our website’s “Knowledge  Base” portal.

We recognize that after your new communications system is installed, solving issues through exemplary service is the only ongoing value we have to offer. As such, we are fully committed to deliver service that meets and exceeds all expectations.
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