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Design and Installation
This process initiates even before we meet with the client for the first time. It starts and ends with our “Mission Statement”

“Our solutions are focused on delivering unparalleled reliability and consultative services through a highly trained staff, as well as the flawless implementation of telecommunications systems that best match our client’s needs”

In Essence, our designs are focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations… as established by the sales consultant. The NacTelligence process begins and ends around those expectations.

After a client contracts to move forward on our proposed solution, a project coordinator is assigned to your account. At this point the process becomes an event. The project coordinator will in a sense become your “employee”, dedicated to managing the ever-changing aspects and nuances of the installation.

As your advocate this individual:
Coordinates  a “kick off” project meeting allowing the client the opportunity to meet with everyone on the installation team and understand the key roles.
  • Sales Consultant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Operation Manager
  • Assigned Technician(s)
  • Trainer(s)
NacTelligence will determine who on your team will be part of the implementation and responsible for providing information and/or schedule milestone events including
  • Contact for scheduling
  • Contact for directory information
  • Contact for database information gathering and review approval
  • Contact for scheduling training classes
  • Contact for facilities access
  • Contact for carrier related items
  • Contact for receiving equipment
Information Gathering
This part of the project takes shape in different forms depending on the client’s comfort zone. Some clients are happy working with our provided quick-fill-in forms, and subsequently turning them around at their convenience. Other clients need a little more detail. Depending on which option you’re select, we will either review and “scrub” the information provided, and return for approval, or develop our own installation programming and user data culled during our onsite pre-installation survey with your team. This survey is comprised of:

Visiting each phone location and documenting:
  • Users name
  • Current type of phone being used
  • Current class-of service
  • Interaction with other users and “coverage” requirements
  • Determination of any special requirements or programming
Time Line Scheduling
Concurrent with the information gathering process, we are working with your team to establish:
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Installation labor
  • Database programming
  • Training dates
  • Placement of equipment
  • Final testing
  • Go live date “cutover”
At “cut-over” of your enterprise system you can expect  the entire team to be present. Onsite training personal will move throughout the facility to ensure users are comfortable on the new phones and answer any questions that may arise. Your assigned technician and programmer will also be onsite as well as remote via our “helpdesk” support center. We set no limitations on now long after a cut-over your technician and trainer will be on site. Generally that is determined by you, the client.  And we leave you on your own only after you are comfortable. At all times you have immediate access to our help desk. This includes ongoing remote monitoring of your system and immediate connection to our help desk technicians.  

The final steps include a review with your sales consultant, project manager, and operation manager. They will engage with your team to review any open items or changes you may require. A complete “punch list” will be provided for your evaluation and approval. If there are any issues you can expect a speedy resolution.

SMB clients will enjoy the same process scaled accordingly to ensure the same level of quality as our enterprise clients. As our process begins without mission statement it ends there as well.

“The client’s requests are communicated throughout our entire organization, and each of our employees is fully committed to delivering a final product that meets and exceeds all expectations.”

We not only profess this process the market has affirmed it! That’s why we received awards for customer satisfaction.
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