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Consulting Solutions
At NacTelligence our staff is comprised of seasoned account executives with many years of telecommunications experience. So, we have seen most every situation and have designed a process to handle any requirement or contingency. This discovery process includes:
  • Meeting with your team to conduct a needs assessment and establish resulting expectations,
  • Reviewing your current communications systems and processes.
  • Reviewing your network and infrastructure.
  • Interviewing key personnel.
  • Reviewing your carrier relationships and invoices.
  • Establishing a clear understanding of the pros and cons of your current communications systems.
  • Establishing a verbal “upfront agreement” of what is required in a new communications solution.
Every organization has their own requirements in terms of the fundamental way it communicates, and how this communications ties into the business model, with the most obvious interaction between your employees and your clients. However, it is our understanding of the not so obvious processes that make us a true partner in the success of your business, and one of the top providers of enterprise solutions in our market.

For example while most organizations dedicate 20% of their upfront workforce dealing directly with customers, establishing expectations, developing commitments for fulfillment, and for services, the other 80% of your company is the delivery vehicle. This interaction between the 20% and 80% and how to improve it, is often overlooked when designing a new communications system. Understanding your organizations model, environment and employee culture allows us to provide the tools and systems that allow your employees to meet and exceed your clients’, and the business’s expectations.

Once our comprehensive due diligence is completed, our consulting plans adhere to a global philosophy of only presenting “SMART” solutions:
  • Systems that are SCALABLE
  • Systems that are easy to MANAGE
  • Systems that are highly AVAILABLE
    • Redundant
    • Route-Diverse
    • Survivable
    • Mobile… with Unified Communications
  • Systems that provide RETURN ON INVESTMENT
Please contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our NacTelligence Communications Consultants.
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