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The Most Reliable Call Reporting System Today
NacTelligence is a fully authorized reseller and integrator for Trillium. Established in 1996, Trillium provides convenient and cost effective call recording solutions for all business applications.
Recording phone calls can assist your business operations by:
  • Helping you monitor customer service quality and implementing appropriate training programs.
  • Allowing you to verify details of orders and conversations.
  • Recording telephone interviews for review, transcriptions or pod casting.
  • Collecting valuable sales and marketing data.
  • Recording of important conversations for later reference.
  • Complying with legal requirements.
  • Reducing the risk of liability.
  • Deterring nuisance and offensive calls.
NacTelligence offers a range of Trillium Telephone Recording Adaptors suitable for recording phone calls when using analog, digital, cordless or VoIP telephones to your computer, network server, tape recorder, dictaphone, digital or MP3 recorder. They provide high quality recordings of your telephone calls.

Trillium’s extensive range of telephone recorders is complemented by the easy to use but powerful CallRecorder software which allows you to manually or automatically record calls to your PC's hard disk drive or network server.
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